Kathina ceremony

Kathin (Pali: Kathin) is a term in the Theravada Vinaya Pitaka. It is the name of the robe that the Lord Buddha allowed monks who had completed 3 months of Buddhist Lent to receive and wear by means of the Kathin ceremony. or the Kathin ceremony It is classified as a type of Sanghakarma according to the Theravada Vinaya Canon that has a time limit. That is, monks can perform this sangha from the 1st day of the waning moon of the 11th month until the 15th day of the waxing moon of the 12th month only. The main objective is to create unity among the monks. and help the meritorious monks who have damaged robes1 Therefore, Kathina is classified as specifically related to the Sangha of monks. which, in addition to the Theravada Vinaya Kathin is also available in some Mahayana sects. But there will be different requirements from the Theravada Vinaya.
The acquisition of the robes which will be used for the Kathina ceremony according to the Vinaya precepts of Theravada. The Buddha did not forbid receiving cloth from believers to bring to the Kathina ceremony. For that reason, the ceremony of offering Kathina cloth was created. or the Kathin ceremony of Buddhists And with the offering of the Kathin robe organized as offerings That is, it is given to the Sangha without specifying any specific monk. In order for the Sangha to take the cloth and give it to one of the monks as decided by the Sangha. (second motion of verbal action) and time of giving which has a definite time limit for giving offerings A group of monks at a temple can receive it only once in a year. Therefore, the tradition of offering Kathin is an important merit-making tradition for Buddhists in general. Especially in Thailand
The tradition of offering Kathin for Thai Buddhists has been around for a long time. There are both royal ceremonies and royal ceremonies. The offering of the King's Kathin robe is an important annual royal ceremony. At present, offering the Kathin robe in terms of supporting the robes for use in important religious ceremonies of the Sangha has been reduced in importance. But instead, they give importance to the followers of Kathina instead, such as money or objects. To bring these things to develop Thaworn Vatthu and preserve Buddhism. which is also classified as one kind of Sanghadana
Kathin has a specified period of time for offering it. It cannot be offered forever like other types of cloth. That period is only 1 month, which is from the 1st day of the waning moon in the 11th month to the 15th day of the waxing moon in the 12th month (full moon day of the 12th month). This period is called Kathin Kala, which is the period of offering Kathin

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