Magha Buja Day : The Day of Peace.

Magha Buja Day : The day of peace

Magha Buja Day is an important Buddhist
holiday. On the annual full-moon day of the third lunar
month called Magha month, which in this year is on
Feb.19, we always gratefully recall to the great events
the great sermon of the Buddha. 1,250 purified ones
(called Arahans) coincidentally came to meeting at
Veruvanaram where the Buddha stayed, in the full
moon day of Magha month. At that time the Buddha preached them the principle of Buddhism (Ovadapatimok). The essences of the doctrine are – Undoing all badness, - Doing only goodness, and - Purification of mind. If everyone adheres to this principle, our world will absolutely be peaceful. That’s why this principle can called the principle of peace of the world.

When the big day come around like this, we would like to persuade all of us recalling to this teaching of Buddha, then intend to make a good merits by giving or sharing together, keeping the five precepts, and meditating for purifying the own mind, which can be done anywhere. However if we have a chance, let’s go to a temple. Beyond making those good merits we are able to listen to the sermon and understand more about Dharma (Buddha's teaching) and Buddhist practice at the temple.

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